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Feel free to browse through our list of FAQs to explore more useful information or the answer to your specific question:







1. Can I apply without GRE and what is the min. score for the GRE?

Yes, you may apply without the GRE. We however strongly recommend submitting the GRE score as additional information to support your profile. There is no minimum score, but the score will be taken into account.

2. Can I apply without an English test (TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge First Certificate)?

No, all applicants have to submit proof of their English language skills in form of an official test like TOEFL or IELTS, or Cambridge First Certificate. A test is not necessary if you are a native English speaker, e.g. from the USA, CAN, GBR, IRL, AUS, NZL, and have conducted your most recent studies in the English language. Conducting your studies in the English language is not sufficient.


3. How long must the English test be valid?

The test score must be valid until the end of the application period (15th March).

4. What is the min. score for the English test?

  • TOEFL (min. scores: PB: 550; CB: 213; IB: 80) or
  • Academic IELTS (min. score: 6.5) or
  • Cambridge First Certificate (CEFR-level B2)


5. What is the institution code for sending the test scorecards?

The codes are 7567 for GRE and B083 for TOEFL (TU Dortmund MMT).


6. Will GAT-Test (Pakistan) be accepted as a substitute for GRE?

No, we will only accept GRE.


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7. Am I eligible to apply?

If you fulfill our requirements and have all documents available for the application you can apply. We are only able to check your eligibility during the review of the applications. Applications with a GPA above 1.9 would not be considered.


8. I do not have a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering (e.g. Industrial Eng.). Can I apply?

We advise you to check very thoroughly whether the MMT program really suits your expectations because other degree programs (e.g. industrial engineering) and the MMT program have different focuses. As stated on our website we require a degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent. The requirements you will find here.


9. Do I need a certified translation by the embassy?

A certified translation is only required in case your documents are not in German or English and therefore have to be translated and certified. The certification of the translation does not have to be done by the embassy, since other official institutions are also entitled to certify the translation. If you already have German or English documents, you only need a certification that does not have to be done by a notary.

10. I have not received my bachelor's degree yet.

You can apply with your transcript until the current semester. Please make sure to send your final transcript to us as soon as you have it by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


11. I do not have a ranking document. Can I still apply without this document?

You can apply without this document if you wish to. Please mind that this can affect your chances of getting admission.


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Application Documents





12. I do not have a ranking certificate, where can I get one?

Please use the provided form PDF.


13. What should be written in the proof of ranking?

Please use the provided form PDF and the ranking certificate must be signed and include the stamp of your university administration or the dean of your faculty/college. The ranking needs to be about all your finished semesters in total.


14. My University/College does not provide proof of ranking. Can I hand in a letter of recommendation instead?

If your University/College does not provide proof of ranking you may hand in a letter of recommendation which states your rank. Please mind that the letter of recommendation cannot be considered as an equal replacement.


15. I do not belong to the best 10% of my class.

If you are not among the top 10% of your graduating class, your chances to be admitted are not as good.


16. What is the required format for the proof of ranking?

Please use the provided form and it must be signed by an authority. PDF


17. What is meant with the best 10% of your "graduating class"?

We do mean the best 10% in your graduation year in your degree program, e.g. Mechanical Engineering, in your college. We do not mean your rank in the whole faculty or in the University if your University does have several colleges.

18. How many letters of recommendation do I need?

You need to hand in three letters of recommendation. We require three academic letters of recommendation, but one academic letter may be replaced by one industrial letter of recommendation.


19. What is the required format and allowed length of the letter of recommendation?

The letters of recommendation have to be on the official letter paper of the faculty/department or the company and signed by the person in charge. There is no limit to the length of the letter of recommendation.


20. What is the format of the official document explaining the grading system in my university/college?

This document should state which the highest passing grade is in the grading system used by your university/college and the lowest possible passing grade. If this is explained on your transcript please upload the corresponding page again at the place we ask for the GPA/Percentage System document. In case there is the explanation of the grading system on your transcript is sufficient, you can upload the part of your transcript where the explanation is provided.


21. Can I upload additional documents with my application?

No, we only take the required documents for application into consideration. Please state your experience and further details in your CV/resume.

22. What is the required format for the CV?

It is necessary to hand in the CV in the following format:WORD ICON


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23. Will I receive any confirmation after submitting my application?

You will receive an application ID on the last page of the online application and a confirmation email if your application was submitted successfully. There is also no online portal available to check your status!

24. When can I apply for the MMT?

The application period for the next winter intake is once a year from 1st February, 09:00 am CEST to 15th March, 11:59 pm CEST.


25. When can I expect the admission results?

You may expect the admission results in mid-June.


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Further questions





26. Do I need to speak German?

You do not need to prove any German language skills when you apply for the MMT as it is an international program and all lectures are held in English. The study program itself can be successfully completed with excellent English skills alone. To master daily life, however, we strongly recommend that you acquire at least a basic knowledge of German before you arrive or at least during your stay here in Germany. You will find it a lot easier e.g. to find accommodation if you are able to communicate in German. We offer German language courses for learners of different levels and a special basic course, particularly for MMT students.


27. How much are the monthly living costs in Germany approximately?

The monthly expenses are approximately 630-830 Euros per month. For further details please see here.


28. How do I find accommodation in Germany?

Please see our website Accommodation. Please keep in mind that you are responsible to find yourself a place to stay.


29. Are there any tuition fees or others?

No, there are no tuition fees. You only have to pay about 300 EUR per semester as a social fee on enrollment and re-registration. This fee goes to the student association (AStA) and the Studierendenwerk and also covers the costs for the semester ticket, with which you can use public transportation to travel through the region of Nordrhein-Westfalen for free. All students of TU Dortmund University regardless of the program they have enrolled for have to pay this fee. For more information, please see here.


30. When do I need to present the APS certificate? (Important for students from China, Mongolia, or Vietnam!)

People from the three countries mentioned above have to present their original certificate issued by the Akademische Prüfstelle (APS) of the German Embassy in their respective country (i.e. Beijing (China), Ulan Bator (Mongolia), or Hanoi (Vietnam)). This document is only required for visa application and enrolment at TU Dortmund University.


31. How can I calculate how many ECTS or Creditpoints I achieved?

1 ECTS or Credit point is corresponding to 30 hours of workload.

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