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  • Germany – the land of engineers

Germany excels with a long-standing tradition in engineering and therefore enjoys a very good reputation worldwide. The engineering industry employs more than 1 million people in Germany. Furthermore, Germany is ranked among the Top 3 with the highest turnover in the field of mechanical engineering. This underlines the international importance of the German engineering industry and its expertise. Besides, it already indicates that the engineering industry might be an attractive career path for young people in terms of their future careers.

  • Second most popular field of study - Mechanical Engineering

In line with the high number of employed people is the popularity of the subject Mechanical Engineering at higher education institutions in Germany. Precisely, in 2015 about 120,000 students were enrolled in a Mechanical Engineering program. By the same token, it means that it is the second most popular subject within the group of freshmen. Moreover, the recognition and popularity of Mechanical Engineering as a field of study among the younger generation is reflected by increased enrolments year by year.

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  • Investment for the future - research funding in the field of mechanical engineering in Germany

Statistics show that more than 6 billion € are invested in research and development in the field of mechanical engineering. Also, the universities are benefiting from the investments made. For instance, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) supports scientific projects financially. It is a matter of fact, that granted funding by DFG in Dortmund is to a great extent determined for mechanical and production engineering projects. This indicates that research and development in this specific field in Germany has outstanding conditions from which also TU Dortmund University benefits.

  • Dortmund as a center of education and technology

Dortmund is located in Western Germany, to be precise in the Ruhr Area. After nearly a hundred years of extensive coal mining and steel milling within the Ruhr Area, the area has changed into a modern metropolis in the heart of Germany. Nowadays, the Ruhr Area is well known as a technological and scientific center. This already implies the high transfer of knowledge between science and industry. Hence it is not surprising that next to TU Dortmund University the “Technologie Zentrum Dortmund” with numerous companies and research institutes, is located.

  • TU Dortmund- Master´s Program Manufacturing Technology

TU Dortmund University, which offers the Master´s program Manufacturing Technology is currently ranked #9 in Germany in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore, TU Dortmund University was recently ranked as #14 in terms of the employability of its alumni. Considering those facts, it can be said that students graduating from a German university and specifically from TU Dortmund University are well-prepared to meet the future demand for engineers.

About 60 excellent students from more than 25 different countries are currently enrolled in the completely English-language, four-semester master study program in the field of manufacturing technology. Learn more about the Master´s program here.